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Arts and Entertainment Thursday, Jun. 12, 2014 5 years ago

Factory Girl: Summertime sadness

by: Zara Barrie

Much like my beloved idol, Lana Del Rey, every summer, I find myself suffering from a bout of “summertime sadness.” Maybe it’s because I’m English and my porcelain skin isn't suited for the sun; maybe it’s because my natural aesthetic consists of black leather and over-the-knee boots or because my schedule opens up, and I have too much time to self-loath — I don’t know.

After reaching out to my kindred spirits, I found I’m not alone in my summertime sadness. Lots of my fellow fashion-loving, pale-skinned partners in crime are consumed with the same seasonal sufferings as I!  Feeling validated by this fact, I firmly decided it was time to combat this plague.

After trial and error, I came up with the following eight-step remedy to rid oneself (temporarily — if you want long-term results, therapy is in order) of the warm-weather blues:

1. Wear a pattern or color you can get lost in (I love brightly colored vintage floral, but that’s just me).

2. Always have an “arm party” in occurrence (it’s essential, because it will serve as your party-fix without you actually having to attend a party and socialize — ick).

3. Custom nail art.  It's self-expression at its finest; I recommend Ceara Crews ([email protected]), because she can literally paint anything you so desire on to your tiny nails (and she’s a great listener).

4. A cute holographic clutch. I don’t think any explanation is required, as I know I got your serotonin running wild at “cute” and “holographic.”

5. Badass shoes. Nothing will make you feel more prepared to fearlessly take on the world than pair of combat boots or mega platforms, adorned with spikes and studs. Shoes like this put you in instantly the “unapproachable” category (trust me, there's an intoxicating power in being thought of as intimidating).

6. Art. We all have a lifetime of pent-up angst inside us that’s begging to be released on paper.

7. Glasses. If you want to take a break from yourself, simply put on a pair of sexy, nerd-chic glasses, and you'll transform into a coy alter you didn’t know lived inside of you.

8. Save the world. Nothing remedies sadness like taking the attention OFF of oneself and helping someone else. Volunteer, girl!

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