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Eat and Drink
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Arts and Entertainment Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015 5 years ago

Day Drinking: English Breakfast

by: John Day

Nothing hits the spot quite like an English breakfast; there's bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, tea — what more could you ask for?

This week, I want to show you a different kind of English breakfast — one with a lot less meat and a little more vodka.

So put down your cereal and pick up your cocktail shaker while I show you the ropes — I'm not saying I drink this every morning with my eggs and bacon ... but I'm not saying I don't, either.

You’ll need:

  • 1 ½ oz. Tito's vodka
  • ¾ oz. St. Germain
  • ½ oz. lemon juice
  • 2 oz. Owl's Brew Classic Tea
  • 3 drops Scrappy's Lavender Bitters
  • 1 sage leaf



  • Pour vodka into shaker over ice
  • Add Owl's Brew and lemon juice
  • Add three drops bitters. Remember, bitters are the salt and pepper of cocktails. Don't over do it.
  • Shake
  • Strain into a coupe or martini glass
  • Pick one sage leaf, clap in palms to release aromas and lay on top of the drink
  • Enjoy! The breakfast of champions.

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