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UGullett Principal Dr. Shirin Gibson catches up on some emails with her protege, Sunny Dwizinski.
East County Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015 4 years ago

Your Town

Gullett Elementary fifth-grader plays principal; Nolan Middle principal puckers up to livestock
by: Amanda Sebastiano Staff Writer

+ Recess for everyone

Walkie talkie in hand and a smile on her face, fifth-grader Sunny Dwizinski proudly walked through the hallway of her school, B.D. Gullett Elementary.

Dwizinski was principal for a day Dec. 14, and she quickly adjusted to her temporary role.

"It's pretty awesome," Dwizinski said, smiling. "I have a walkie talkie and keys. My friends think it's pretty cool, too."

Principal Dr. Shirin Gibson coached Dwizinski through an administrator's daily routine of checking classes, helping in the cafeteria and giving out Gator Bait, tickets for students who exhibit good behavior.

Her mother won the position for her by bidding the most money, $250, at an annual fundraiser for the school in September.

+ Cow kissin'

Scot Boice, the Nolan Middle School principal, has a new girlfriend.

On Dec. 14, Boice planted a smooch on Cammie, a 4-month-old calf, because his students collected 2,882 cans of food in November for the Salvation Army.

Boice's kiss was the grand finale as a different faculty member kissed a cow or pig housed at the school for each 250-can milestone reached.

Students giggled as Boice kissed Cammie three times.

His secret to overlooking Cammie's bad breath? Two peppermints before the kiss.

"I can't recall ever kissing a cow before," Boice said with a laugh. "But she was sweet. I went out to visit her the last couple weeks so she wasn't scared of me."


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