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Longboat Key Wednesday, May. 7, 2014 3 years ago

Your Neighbor: Sue Reese

by: Kelsey Grau Community Editor

For the past 10 years, Sue Reese has hosted a program called “Travel Talk” on a nonprofit TV station, Berks Community Television, near her hometown of Reading, Pa.

“I traveled all over the world through that TV show,” says Reese.

Her interviewees have traveled to places such as South America and Scotland, and some of Reese’s favorites were found near her Longboat Key neighborhood.

“Last summer, there were two guys down at the beach and one had a British flag towel,” said Reese.

After learning they were visiting one of the boy’s grandmothers at Spanish Main Yacht Club as they traveled across America, Reese asked the two for an interview.

“We had a great program,” said Reese. “They brought pictures of all the places they went and told about what it’s like to be in this country, touring. Mostly, the show is giving tips and ideas. One hour goes by very, very fast.”

Reese, too, loves to travel, and last summer she crossed off a big item on her bucket list: visiting all 50 U.S. states. Reese and her husband, Tom, ended their national travels with Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

That trip provided Reese an opportunity to complete yet another goal: getting the key to a city.

“They give them to dignitaries and famous people, and I said, ‘Well, I’m a famous person, I have my TV show,’” said Reese while laughing. “So, I convinced them to give me a key in Iowa.”

Reese, who taped her last show in October, hopes her newfound free time will give her opportunities to socialize with friends, create her colorful jewelry and travel more.

Asked what her favorite destination has been so far, Reese was quick to answer.

“They all are,” said Reese.

Neighborhood: Spanish Main Yacht Club

Your neighbor since: 1966

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