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Siesta Key Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011 6 years ago

Yard debris a violation on streets, in canals

by: Rachel Brown Hackney Managing Editor

A complaint about yard equipment noise during the Siesta Key Association’s meeting Dec. 1 prompted the Key’s code enforcement officer to warn against illegal lawn maintenance activities.

After audience member Katherine Zimmerman complained about neighbors routinely using noisy leaf blowers in the evenings and early on Sunday mornings, John Lally, the county code enforcement officer who handles issues on the Key, reminded everyone present it is illegal for anyone to blow yard material into the streets or the canals.

He added if anyone witnessed someone in their residential area pursuing such activity, he or she should take photos. If he and other county staff had photographic evidence, Lally said, that could be used to write a citation against an offender.

The fines can go up to $500 per day if a person repeatedly ignores warnings, Lally added.

SKA board member Ron Flynn said workers with professional law service companies routinely blow pine needles and lawn trimmings into the canals.

“We need to know the companies that are doing it,” Lally said. “Then, we can address it with the companies.”

Sarasota County Commission Chairwoman Nora Patterson, who lives on the Key, emphasized it also is illegal to blow the material into the roadways.

“Street debris ends up in the bay,” she said.

“A picture’s (worth) 1,000 words,” Lally added. “You got ’em right there doing it.”

Regarding Zimmerman’s complaint about the early-morning and late-evening yard work pursued by her neighbors, Lally said the law allows yard equipment to be operated between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m., but the equipment must be functioning properly.

Adopt-A-Road effort fills 16 bags
During the Siesta Key and Siesta Key Village association meetings this month, members reported they collected enough trash to fill 16 large garbage bags during their quarterly Adopt-A-Road undertaking Nov. 19.

SKA Vice President Peter van Roekens said the volunteers filled about half the bags in the Village.
SKVA President Russell Matthes said he was disappointed at the number of cigarette butts that continue to litter the Village.

Volunteers worked from the north Siesta bridge to Beach Road and at Turtle Beach.

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