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Longboat Key Wednesday, Jul. 25, 2018 2 years ago

Wiley Coyote roams the town

A trapper has been notified after multiple reports of coyote sightings.

The coyote case continues.

First, we heard from folks in Country Club Shores of a coyote walking through yards and streets July 12. A few days later, on July 15, Paula and John Steptoe think they saw a coyote on the Harbourside Golf Course.

Then, July 16, a resident captured video of an animal walking into the former Colony Beach & Tennis Resort and reported a wolf to police. An investigating officer checked the video and came to the conclusion it was a healthy coyote that disappeared onto the property.

Two hours later, police reports of a coyote being struck by a car surfaced near the Harbourside golf course, though officers couldn’t confirm that third-party report.

Then, around 8 a.m. July 18, a healthy-looking coyote was spotted near St. Mary Star of the Sea church at 4280 Gulf of Mexico Drive. Officers responded again and noted the coyote was causing a nuisance and alarming pedestrians.

In a report of the incident, police said, “The coyote showed no signs of being in fear while in close proximity of officers and bystanders.”

The animal eventually disappeared into the treeline.

A trapper has been notified.

Turtle Tracks

July 15-21

                         2018       2017

Nests                  79         76

False Crawls     95          55

Total as of July 21

                          2018        2017

Nests                  914         1192

False Crawls    953          1104


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