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Tyler Beck, 7
Siesta Key Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011 6 years ago

VIDEO: ODA Students tell all about Santa

by: Rachel S. OHara Staff Photographer

Why does Santa wear red?
Claire – Santa wears red because it’s a Christmas color!

Johnny – Santa wears red because, um … it’s a Christmas color?

Tyler – Santa wears red because it’s a Christmas color.

Caitie – Because it’s a Christmas color.

Luke – Because it’s a Christmas color!

Aston – Because it’s a Christmas color.

Where is the North Pole?
Claire – The North Pole is up in the sky where it is really, really cold.

Tyler – In the north.

Beck – North of us.

Caitie – In the north.

Luke – In the Antarctic.

Aston – Up north.

How does Santa’s sleigh fly?
Claire – I think Santa’s reindeers (are) magic. I think the sleigh moves because of the reindeer magic.

Johnny – With reindeer and magic dust.

Tyler – The sleigh flies by Christmas magic.

Caitie – Pixie dust.

Luke – Magic.

Aston – His reindeer.

Do you leave anything out for Santa on Christmas Eve?
Claire – Yes, I put cookies out for him.

Johnny – At our house, we leave out cookies for him.

Tyler – Yes: cookies and milk.

Caitie – Cookies and milk.

Luke – Cookies and milk.

Aston – Milk and cookies.

What did you ask Santa to bring you for Christmas?
Claire – A new DS game.

Johnny – Spy toys.

Tyler – A typewriter, a label maker, “Construction Wars,” glass and a lot of nails.

Caitie – A stuffed Rudolph.

Luke – “Real Flight 6,” Pokemon cards — and that’s all.

Aston – An electric scooter. 

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