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Longboat Key Monday, Oct. 14, 2019 7 months ago

Utility project moves forward on north, south ends

Town reports initial stages of $49 million project is on schedule.
by: Eric Garwood Managing Editor

Work on the town’s underground utilities project, which launched in July, is proceeding as expected, town officials say. The underground utilities work, part of the $49 million project approved by referendum, is broken into five phases, beginning in the north and south and working toward the middle of the island.

Work installing conduit and electrical-service equipment pads along Broadway Street is complete, town officials said.

Phase 1 work, essentially the area of Country Club Shores, is on target.

  • 100% of the conduit has been placed in the Gulf of Mexico Drive right of way.
  • 100% of the required concrete pads for electrical equipment have been set in place along Gulf of Mexico Drive
  • 100% of the conductor pull boxes, which facilitate the actual installation of cables through the already buried conduits, have been installed along Gulf of Mexico Drive.
  • Work to begin pulling conductors through the buried conduit and setting electrical equipment on the roadside pads is beginning.
  • Frontier Communications is continuing its share of the project in Phase 1.

Phase 2 work, generally from the northernmost end of the island to Dream Island Road, is similarly on schedule without any use of contingency time.

  • 100% of the primary and feeder conduit has been placed along Broadway Street and work progresses south along Gulf of Mexico Drive. A gas line was struck Sept. 24 in this phase of the operation along GMD.
  • 100% of equipment pads have been placed along Broadway Street.

At the staging site off-island, initial receipt of FPL conductors and switches has taken place. Still in progress is delivery of capacitors and transformers for Phase 1.

Town commissioners earlier this year established 35-foot heights for small-cell towers along Gulf of Mexico Drive and 25-foot heights in neighborhood right of ways. Commissioners, acting on a recommendation from the Planning & Zoning Board to hold all other small cell-towers on private property at 35 feet, have discussed and will again discuss the pros and cons of such a change. 

That discussion is expected to return to the commission for final action in November.

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