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Eat and Drink
Arts and Entertainment Monday, Jul. 8, 2013 7 years ago

TWIS = This Week Is Sweet

by: Chef Judi Gallagher

It's no secret that I love good pancakes. They have to be fluffy, light and not loaded with stuff like chocolate chips. My go-to pancakes are plain or blueberry at Station 400, but when my friendly server suggested I take a walk on the wild side and try the lemon ricotta---well, I took the bait.

Fluffy, yes ... slightly tart from the lemon curd, yes, in a good way .... and knowing that I love blueberries, my server actually ordered mine up that way, instead of with blackberries as stated on the menu. While I still think the blueberry is my very favorite, this week gets a strong nod to a darn good pancake.

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