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Eat and Drink
Arts and Entertainment Monday, Nov. 19, 2012 8 years ago

TWIS = This Week Is Sweet

by: Chef Judi Gallagher

You can’t live in Sarasota and celebrate the holidays without a Yoder’s pie. Personally, I prefer a homemade apple pie bubbling out of the oven. (Anyone with those great skills is welcome to drop me off a fresh-baked pie at ABC 7 on Wednesday or Thursday for a taste-off ...) But for cream pies, let’s just face it---Yoder’s rules!!

These sweet Amish desserts have been written about in the New York Times, the Boston Globe and the Miami Herald. Local newscasters interview people waiting on line as it wraps towards Bahia Vista St., and of course the Travel network has been a HUGE fan. So, when you yourself are waiting in line (really, you haven’t ordered your pie yet?) think about why you love pie---an homage, if you will.

While my husband may crave the Butterscotch or Banana Cream, I am a loyalist to the Pumpkin Cream.

The crust is slightly salty, which to my taste buds enhances the sweetness of the overflowing whipped and creamy pumpkin filling.

TWIS eaters, this begs the question---to which pie do you lay claim?


Let me know your dream pie in the comments section, or if it causes you to wax poetic like me, write a love letter to your pie---you just might win a free pie of your very own. But be careful: If it is Pumpkin Cream, I might come knocking with spoon in hand!

Don’t forget, "Turkey 911" is on ABC 7 live at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. Fear not if you worry about lumps in your gravy, stuffing that tastes flat out of the bird, or all-around turkey feast anxiety---your local holiday chef is on duty for you!

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