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Sarasota Monday, Nov. 9, 2020 5 months ago

Travel With The Observer

Observer readers have brought the newspaper across the globe.
by: Harry Sayer Staff Writer

It’s a big world, with hundreds and hundreds of amazing vistas and locales in it.

One thing is for sure - Observer readers love traveling to those locations, and bringing the newspaper with them.

Take Larry deAngelis for instance, our winner for this year’s “It’s Read Everywhere” contest. deAngelis and his wife Jackie are avid travelers - the Lakewood Ranch couple has made it a priority to travel as far and as often as they possibly can. The retired duo has visited Iceland, Easter Island, Morocco, Uganda, and countless other places. 

This year, though,  was a long time coming.  It was finally time for the pair to see the pyramids and countless artifacts in Egypt. The duo went on a cruise that took them to Cairo and beyond, where they learned about Egypt’s long history. They saw pharaoh’s tombs, priceless artifacts, and even a mummified gator or two.

deAngelis makes sure to bring the Observer on every trip he and Jackie embark on. This time they posed for a photo with friends Al Taricco and Maureen Burke outside the a sphinx with a copy of the East County Observer. All the while, deAngelis marveled at the craft that went into building these incredible structures. 

“It’s one of those things in your mind ‘How the heck did they do this?’ deAngelis said. “You’re talking about thousands of years ago and here they are. You sit there and wonder how in the world did they get this stuff done and then at the same time, create a labyrinth underneath all this stuff and to hide the treasures of the kings.”

Their love of travel and adventure has won them a pair of $250 travel vouchers from Allegiant Air.

The couple had an amazing trip, but they weren’t alone in that. Countless couples, friends, and groups documented their travels across the globe as part of the “It’s Read Everywhere” contest.

Gloria and Joe Kaminsky with Jeanne Camperchioli and Al Hinds went island hopping in the Canary Islands in Spain, but they couldn’t go on their grand adventure without the East County Observer. 

Kuno and Margaret von Duerckheim dressed up warm and took a copy of the newspaper to St. Petersburg, Russia.

Life, and all its adventures, are best shared with friends. Barbara and Denny Noto embraced that spirit when they traveled to Tasmania, Australia, where the duo took photos of the East County Observer with some curious kangaroo pals.

Nancy Tate and Stephen Dretar went the other way in terms of climate and braved the elements in the Dutch Harbor in Alaska. 

Barry and Beth Williamson embraced the competitive spirit of It’s Read Everywhere and philosophy and brought the East County Observer to the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. 

But it was Larry and Jackie deAngelis who brought the prize home. Some of their trips have been visually spectacular, others emotionally impactful. Their time in Egypt was full of knowledge - deAngelis is happy to have learned so much about the history of Egypt.

“It was an educational trip and one we were able to tick off our checklist of things we always wanted to do,” he said. 

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