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Cops Corner
East County Wednesday, Apr. 4, 2018 3 years ago

Tipsy woman objects to being denied a seat in Lakewood Ranch

Cops Corner
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

March 24


6900 Del Webb Boulevard, Lakewood Ranch

Battery: A man said he was enjoying a show at his community clubhouse when a woman from the neighborhood approached and wanted to sit at his table. The man said there was not enough room and the woman left. After the show, the same woman, who was suspected of being intoxicated, came back to the man and began kicking him. The Sheriff's Office was contacted and a deputy went to the scene. The deputy observed no injuries suffered by the man from the kicks. The man said the woman's husband and a friend intervened and pulled the woman away. The woman's husband took her home before the deputy arrived. The man didn't wish to press any charges but the deputy still attempted to make contact with the woman and went to their residence. The deputy said they refused to open the door. The deputy said he saw the woman through the front door glass, but when she realized it was law enforcement she went away.


March 26


The corner of 28th Street and 63rd Avenue East, Bradenton

INFRACTIONS: A Sheriff's Office traffic unit observed a black Ford Escape with its sticker clearly altered by a marker, covering the 2017 expiration with an 18. The deputy confirmed the tag was not even assigned to that vehicle and it also had expired. The driver claimed he "took" the tag and put it on his car so he could get around on a car he had just purchased. The man also had no motor vehicle insurance on the car. The driver was cooperative and polite and admitted to all the infractions. The tag was seized and placed into property and evidence. The vehicle was secured at the scene. The driver was given two summons to appear in court.


March 27


Intersection of State Road 70 with White Eagle Boulevard

Trespass warning: A security guard for the private property observed two people fishing without permission to be on the property. The property was posted. The security guard asked the men to leave and they didn't so he called the Sheriff's Office. A deputy arrived and made contact with the men who were fishing and the security guard. The guard trespassed the men in the deputy's presence and the deputy obtained fingerprints before they left. The deputy provided the security guard with a case number.


March 28


800 block of 53rd Avenue East, Bradenton

Information only: A woman contacted the Sheriff's Office to say a man has been walking on her property without permission. The woman and the man have had an ongoing disagreement since January about whether the man was entitled to walk on the woman's lot. The woman said the disagreements have agitated the man and that they have had verbal arguments. A neighbor told the woman she had seen the man "flipping off her house" and yelling profanity as he walked by her home when she was away. The man has made no threats toward the woman. A neighbor also told the woman the man had taken tomatoes off her plants. A deputy contacted the man, who denied the accusations. The woman, however, believes the man is going out of his way to intimidate her. The woman was advised to contact the Sheriff's Office is the man is on her property so he can be trespassed. The woman said she is considering a restraining order.

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