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Sarasota Friday, Jun. 21, 2019 1 year ago

Think you know America? Try this Fourth of July quiz

Did you know . . .
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

So you love July 4, America and all things red, white and blue. But are you a Yankee Doodle Dandy when it comes to a patriotic quiz?

Why not break out these questions and feed them to your guests along with those hot dogs and hamburgers? Have a slice of apple pie to present to the winner.

1) Who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance?

a. Francis Bellamy

b. Walt Whitman

c. Ezra Pound

d. Wallace Stevens

2) Which of our founding fathers wrote that the bald eagle is "a bird of bad moral character" when it was being considered as a national symbol for the United States?

a. John Adams 

b. Benjamin Harrison

c. Benjamin Franklin

d. Thomas Jefferson

3. At the signing of the Declaration of Independence, one of the famous sayings was, "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” This was said by:

a. John Adams

b. Benjamin Harrison

c. Benjamin Franklin

d. Thomas Jefferson

4) Who is the only U.S, president born on July 4

a. James Buchanan

b. Grover Cleveland

c. Calvin Coolidge

d. Jimmy Carter

5) What country obtained independence from the United States on July 4, 1946?

a. Guam

b. the Philippines

c. Northern Mariana Islands

d. American Samoa

6) The signatures on the Declaration of Independence are arranged:

a. Alphabetically by name

b. Alphabetically by state

c. Randomly

d. By the states, northernmost to southernmost

7) Who was the King of England when the colonies declared their independence?

a. George III

b. James II

c. William III

d. George MXVI

8) The red, white and blue on the American flag signify:

a. Purity, valor and vigilance

b. Blood, innocence and beauty

c. Independence, courage and unity

d. Power, resolve and faith

9) Yankee Doodle Dandy was written to:

a. Make fun of American soldiers

b. To encourage patriotism among New Yorkers

c. To push young men to enlist

d. Become a pub drinking song

10) What country, other than the U.S., made the most American flags in 2018?

a. Spain

b. the Philippines

c. China

d. India

11) What was the first state admitted to the union?

a. Delaware

b. New Jersey

c. Virginia

d. Pennsylvania

12) Who suggested the U.S. adopt "In God We Trust" as its motto?

a. John Quincy Adams

b. Andrew Carnegie 

c. Henry Ford

d. Francis Scott Key

13)  Where did the saying "Uncle Sam" come from?

a. Thomas Jefferson always referred to his "Uncle Sam" whenever he talked about defending citizen rights.

b. A meat packer, Sam Wilson, provide meat to the U.S. Army and his bags were stamped "U.S." Soldiers joked it meant Uncle Sam

c. Betsy Rose became the country's "Aunt Betsy" and "Uncle Sam" became her fictitious husband

d. President Teddy Roosevelt said his fellow soldiers all were tougher than his "Uncle Sam" and it stuck to portray American grit.

14) Why were the stars in a circle on the first American Flag?

a. Betsy Ross felt the pattern made the stripes stand out

b. The circle was meant to show there was no beginning and no end to the emerging country's strength

c. A sun originally was planned with stars circling it, and the sun eventually was removed from the design

d. The stars were added in a circle to show no colony was greater than another

15) The colors of the American flag over the years were red, white and blue. What were the colors of the first Betsy Ross flag?

a. red, white and black

b. red, white and blue

c. red, blue and black

d. red and blue

ANSWERS: 1 — a; 2 — c; 3 — c; 4 — c; 5 — b; 6 — d; 7 — a; 8 — a; 9 — a; 10 —c; 11 —a; 12 — d; 13 —b;  14 — d; 15 — b

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