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East County Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018 1 year ago

Thief should have pulled a tooth, or two

Interesting Sheriff's Office reports from Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton areas.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

Nov. 3


6225 block of State Road 64 East., Bradenton

Theft: A man entered a department store and selected three Blue Tooth speakers, placing them in his shopping cart. The man then went to the toy department, where he selected a basketball goal and hoop. He opened that package, pulled out the rim and put the speakers inside the box. He put the rim back in the box and went to the register, where he paid for the basketball goal and hoop. The amount of stolen merchandise was $322. The man was stopped by store security.

Nov. 3


10613 block of Forest Run Drive, Bradenton

Lost property: A woman called the Sheriff's Office to report a lost wallet. The woman told deputies she had paused to take a photo in the parking lot of a clothing store, and set her wallet on the back of her car while she was taking the photo. She then got into her car and drove off. She returned to the store later in an attempt to find the wallet, but couldn't locate it. She was provided with a case number.

Nov. 6


Criminal mischief: A man was on the listed property selling and displaying flags. A woman whose family owns the property was angered he was selling the flags. She began to cut his flags with a small knife. The man forced her to the ground and took the knife from her hand. He suffered a small cut on his finger in the process. The woman also bit the man on the arm. The man released the woman who went to her car and waited for deputies to arrive. The woman told deputies it was her right to remove the merchandise from her property. She was not injured. The man declined to file charges and signed a waiver of prosecution. The two went their separate ways. The woman was instructed to call law enforcement if there are issues with people on her property and not to take matters into her own hands.

Nov. 6


6290 block of Lake Osprey Drive, Sarasota

Trespass warning: A manager of a tour bus called the Sheriff's Office when a passenger kept using the speaker feature on her cell phone, annoying the other passengers. After being warned six times, the manager called the Sheriff's Office, which sent a deputy to the scene. The manager told the deputy he was in charge of the tour and had the authority to eject passengers. The manager told the woman she was unwelcome on the bus and would be arrested for trespass if she didn't get off the bus. The manager removed her bag from storage and put it outside the bus. The woman's husband was called and told where to pick up his wife. She was upset, but eventually calmed down enough to say she only had been asked once to turn off her speaker. She said she wanted a refund if she had to get off. The deputy informed her she would have to deal with the bus company to pursue a refund.

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