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East County Monday, Oct. 22, 2018 1 year ago

Tara CDD Seat 1: Joseph Di Bartolomeo

Candidate touts experience, experience to help the board.
by: Pam Eubanks Senior Editor

Name: Joseph Di Bartolomeo

Age: 58

Occupation: Executive

Education: BS, MBA

Elected government experience: County committee


Why do you want to serve on the CDD?

I have been a Florida resident since 2005 with my primary residence in Tara Preserve. I consider myself a civic minded member of our community looking to participate in our CDD Seat No.1. The primary objective of my service is to increase property values while maintaining our fees at or below the cost of living index while increasing the aesthetics and benefits of our community. I possess the education, professional experience and life skills to accomplish these goals for the benefit of all Tara Preserve residents. I believe that the natural beauty that Tara Preserve and the entire State of Florida offers is a gift that must be respected and preserved. My participation in the CDD as a financial conservative will allow me to honor, protect and enhance all that we currently enjoy in Tara.


If elected, what will be your top three priorities during your term?

No. 1: I will vote “yes” to hold the line on CDD taxes to the cost of living index and promote financial and management activities that increase property values.

No. 2: I will not cater to special interests for quid pro quo, will put aside personal agendas and not spread information that is false and not beneficial to all.

No. 3: I will execute fiduciary duty and will restore value integrity and credibility to the CDD.


How do you plan to address those priorities?

By protecting our community against liabilities, hiring referenced and insured vendors and contractors and utilizing a proven request for proposal (RFP) and feasibility methodology for any major projects, I can make decisions and ultimately vote based on sound financial and managerial judgement. By listening to our residents, being forthcoming with information and communication and holding an evening meeting for our working residents and renters, the CDD will become more transparent, inclusive and proactive.


What makes you a better candidate for this position than your opponent?

My education, professional and life experiences makes me an ideal candidate for the CDD. My formal education includes a bachelors in accounting with a minor in marketing and management from Rutgers University. I have a masters in finance and a masters in information technology from Fairleigh Dickinson University. My professional experience includes various public and private sector positions, as well as owning several small businesses. My subject matter expertise includes accounting, finance, management, sales, marketing, IT and Human Resources. My vertical experience includes banking, financial services, consumer goods, federal and state government, healthcare, gaming and hospitality, manufacturing, import/export, pharmaceutical, automotive and public utilities. I have owned or currently own landscaping, transportation, staff augmentation and professional consulting organizations.  I have served on various community and board positions for profit and non-profit boards to include chairman of the Building Committee in Cedar Hollow Circle, as well as executive positions with animal preservation associations on a national and local level.

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