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Heritage Harbour South District Manager Greg Cox and District Counsel Andy Cohen discuss l lawsuit options with supervisor Lee Bettes and Vice Chairwoman Michelle Patterson at the eritage Harbour South CDD meeting Jan. 16.
East County Friday, Jan. 17, 2014 3 years ago

Supervisors of Heritage Harbour South CDD explore lawsuit options

by: Amanda Sebastiano Staff Writer

Supervisors of the Heritage Harbour South Community Development District continue to remain undecided as to how to proceed with two potential lawsuits against former management and maintenance companies.

At the CDD's Jan. 16 meeting, the supervisors mulled over their options with an issue that cost the district nearly $16,800. The members of the board believed they paid for a project without their consent, and that the company hired to conduct the maintance, didn't properly do so.

While the majority of the supervisors reluctantly agreed to move forward and take the situation as a lesson learned, Vice Chairwoman Michelle Patterson wasn't ready to sign off on the lost dollars.

"It's not $16 we're talking about here," Patterson said, "it's $16,000. I'm not ready for district residents to absorb that charge just because of shotty workmanship."

The issue dates back to December 2012, when Morris-Riley Management Development recommended to then-District Manager Jim Ward, that work be conducted on a neighborhood lake bank. Without the 2012 CDD supervisors' approval, Ward authorized such work, estimated to cost $15,000, Patterson explained.

The board members didn't settle on an option, yet, and will discuss the issue further at their next meeting, Feb. 4, at Stoneybrook Golf and Country Club.



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