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East County Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020 6 months ago

Style: Tote-Ally Awesome Bags

Got a lot of stuff but nowhere to put it? Have no fear, these great totes are here.
by: Harry Sayer Staff Writer

It feels good to have a nice handbag, but let’s face it: Busy women end up with stuff. Lots of stuff. Whether stuff for kids or your husband or yourself, it always seems to find its way into your bag.

Enter the tote. These spacious, strong-handled caverns can manage whatever you throw at them (or in them), and in an assortment of colors and sleek materials, they can elevate your outfit and camouflage the fact
that, in reality, you have a small suitcase’s worth of stuff tucked neatly under your arm. We checked in with local shops and boutiques to see what kinds of tote bags will make it all look effortless this season.


Crowder’s Gifts & Gadgets

2401 Lakewood Ranch Blvd.

Crowder’s Gifts & Gadgets in Lakewood Ranch has a sizable collection of Vera Bradley totes, ranging from smaller items to larger pieces good for all kinds of travel. It also helps that many of their bags have fun patterns, such as a whole selection of different dogs. Christmas items are also coming in, so if you want a fun reindeer bag, this is your moment.


Scout & Molly’s

5275 University Parkway, #132

The Haute Shore bags have been a big seller for Scout & Molly’s near Lakewood Ranch, and staff say it’s been almost impossible to keep them on the shelves. As it happens, the store currently has a few bags from Haute Short, including the Greyson Reserve and the Greyson Lady, both going for $98.


Wish On Main

8141 Lakewood Main St.

The Wish On Main boutique has quite a few handbags, totes and other carry items, but Owner Jan Nicholson is really enjoying the current Consuela brand, which sports some varied and colorful patterns and designs. There are also smaller totes that have some bright pink color if you want to go a different way.

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