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A sign on the door at Stitch Boutique states the clothing store is closed for fall renovations.
Sarasota Thursday, Sep. 1, 2011 6 years ago

Stitch Boutique merchandise vanishes

by: Kurt Schultheis Senior Editor

An Aug. 22 Sarasota Police incident report states that the co-owners of Stitch Boutique are involved in a civil dispute regarding $40,000 worth of merchandise that was taken from the store.

Stitch Boutique co-owner Vince Sizemore alleges in the report that he arrived at the store Aug. 22 to find “all the property in the store was gone.”

Although at first Sizemore reported an unknown person must have robbed the store, police pressed the issue after discovering the store was not broken into and that a key had been used to enter the clothing boutique.

The report states that minutes later, Sizemore said he was having “a problem with his partner” and said he was trying to “buy out co-owner Kelly Campayno’s half” of the business for several months.

Although Sizemore did not tell police he believed Campayno took the merchandise, the report states he had to step outside with his attorney before discussing the matter further. Police also noted that Sizemore was hesitant to provide police with contact information for Campayno.

Sizemore declined to comment and said he did not know when the store would re-open.

Campayno declined to discuss the future of the business.

“My attorney is handling the issue, and it will be resolved,” Campayno said.

Campayno’s attorney did not return a phone call seeking comment for the story.

Stitch Boutique, which opened in 2006 at 1463 Main St., is listed “as a unique, upscale boutique known for the Great Wall of Denim” on its website,

A visit to the store Tuesday revealed a sign on the glass door saying the store was closed for fall renovations. Nothing was inside the store except a rack of jewelry.

The police department said the matter was “a civil matter that will have to be handled in the court system.”

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