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We feature seven Sarasota leaders who will have an impact in 2011.
Sarasota Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011 7 years ago

SEVEN in 11: Sarasota


From local politics to new business ventures and charitable donations, these seven leaders will impact Sarasota life in the new year.

1. Scott Gerber. After realizing his 20-hour-a-day job was not for him, this entrepreneur found something that put a smile on his face.

2. Joe Gruters. He has spent the last few months traveling Florida, pursuing his dream of leading the state's Republican Party.

3. John Simon. The man behind the Pineapple Square development sees nothing but potential in Sarasota's future.

4. Chris Gallagher. As a senior designer with Jonathan Parks Architect, he shapes not only Sarasota's facades but also its community.

5. Debra Jacobs. As CEO of The Patterson Foundation, she will lead the foundation in giving $200 million in the next few years through nine strategic iniatiatives.

6. Christine Robinson. A month before her first day on the job, this county commissioner was meeting with citizens groups and county govenment departments to prep for her new role.

7. Wendy Surkis. The president and founding member of SMOA is at the helm to combine modern and contemporary art in one Sarasota space.

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