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Join Danae DeShazer and Mallory Gnaegy as they report today's headlines.
Siesta Key Thursday, Sep. 13, 2012 5 years ago

Sept. 13: Daily Headlines Video


+City manager will cull list of police chief candidates
By the beginning of next week, City Manager Tom Barwin, working with city staff, will narrow down the list of police chief candidates from 13 to five.

+Cheaper era for Village merchants begins
Village merchants, who contribute to a county maintenance fund, will pay between $80,000 and $50,000 less than forecasted for FY 2013.

+Longboat misses its starring role
What does North Carolina have that we don't? Tax incentives and a film industry, for starters.

+Insect-population control sees $200,000 budget increase
For the first time in five years, the fiscal year budget includes an increase in property taxes aimed at paying for insect population management.

+Church holds vigil injured youth
Journey Assembly of God will hold a candlelight vigil service to pray for seven of its youth who were injured in a crash Sept. 8.

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