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Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Payne Mansion
Sarasota Thursday, Jul. 14, 2016 5 years ago

Selby Gardens Payne Mansion gets tented treatment

The Christy Payne Mansion is treated for drywood termites.
by: Amanda Morales Staff Writer

The historical Christy Payne Mansion has a new look for a day. 

On Thursday the home that sits at the entrance to Marie Selby Botanical Gardens was draped in blue tarps for termite treatment to eliminate drywood termites. 

Cloud Termite and Pest Control has clipped fifteen strips of blue tarp in place to start the process of pumping the rooms with Vikane gas. Cloud Termite and Pest Control Vice President Brenton Cloud says it’s termite-swarming season and that the gas should eliminate the issue. 

“It’s the only ‘true’ way to treat drywood termites,” Cloud said. 

The delicate nature of the historic home makes tenting a little more complicated. The home was built in 1934 and this is the first termite treatment in recent memory for the structure. 

Selby Gardens Christy Payne Mansion

“We have to be careful with the older tiles on the roof,” Cloud said. “There are a lot of obstacles.”

The entire treatment is being done free of charge to Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. Cloud heard about the need from Selby Gardens President and CEO Jennifer Rominiecki at a Longboat Key Kiwanis Club meeting. Cloud 

“It’s a great way to help them out and the community out,” Cloud said. 

The treatment is being done in anticipation of upcoming exhibits including the rare books collection that will be on display in August and the Chagall exhibit scheduled for February 2017. 

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