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The $1.9 figure from the new report consists primarily of questioned costs from the 2012-13 year.
East County Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013 4 years ago

Second state audit brings more costs to school district

by: Josh Siegel Staff Writer

A second report from the state’s Auditor General’s Office released this morning — this one on federal, grant-funded programs — revealed the Manatee County School District could see a $1.9 million reduction in its general fund balance.

These findings are separate in scope from a report released by the state Nov. 25, which found a misuse of funds and other mistakes could cost the district $7.2 million from its general fund balance.

Combined, the two figures threaten to bite into the $10.3 million the administration is trying to save to meet state-mandated reserves.

Like the first report, the district has 30 days to respond to the latest findings — by Jan. 9 — giving it a chance to mitigate some of the costs.

The $1.9 figure from the new report consists of questioned costs from the 2012-13 year, representing another roadblock in Superintendent Rick Mills’ recovery plan to move the district past mistakes that occurred before he came to the district.

Some of the costs date back to 2010-11.

Some of the findings from the latest report include:

- $1.5 million of questioned costs because the district did not adequately document charges to the Special Education Program for Early Intervention Services.

- $207,900 of questioned costs because district records did not adequately document the feasibility of certain Title I program expenditures.

- $91,600 of questioned costs because money from the Improving Teacher Quality Program was used for purposes contrary to federal regulations.

“These findings, along with previous operational audit findings, give us a detailed account of the areas that need to be addressed by this school district," Mills said. “Our school district is on the right path to fiscal stability and is committed to absolute transparency in all areas. We will work diligently to overcome the costly decisions of the past so we can restore trust and move forward together to the greatness our students and community deserve.”

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