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Sarasota Tuesday, May 28, 2019 2 years ago

School district begins negotiations with Sarasota Classified Teachers Association

Certain positions within the district were paid below the regional average, according to a study conducted by Sarasota County Schools and Evergreen Solutions earlier this year.
by: Samantha Chaney Staff Writer

As of May 28, Sarasota County Schools began the process of collective salary bargaining with the Sarasota Classified Teachers Association.

According to a district release, salaries for both classified and instructional personnel members are being discussed, though salary schedule averages will remain the same for new employees.

“I am excited to put forth a fair and equitable proposal to the union that offers salary increases for select classified staff,” Superintendent Todd Bowden said. “Unlike instructional staff who are eligible for state-funded ‘Best and Brightest’ bonuses, this program is not available to our classified employees. The initial offer made to the union allows classified staff to be closer to the average hourly salary that other school districts in our area offer their employees.”

The school district put forward the following position-specific offers for consideration:

  • Establishing a minimum wage of $12 an hour for all School Board appointed classified employees with the long-term goal of increasing this to $15 an hour.
  • Upgrading instructional aides at Oak Park School from SSP-3 and SSP-4 classifications ($11.84 and $12.59 per hour) to an SSP-7 classification ($15.21 an hour).
  • Upgrading bus drivers from an SSP-5 classification ($14.22 an hour) to an SSP-7 ($15.21 an hour).

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