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Cops Corner
East County Wednesday, Apr. 18, 2018 3 years ago

Sarasota woman has nasty case of shingles

Cops Corner for Lakewood Ranch, East County areas — Interesting reports from the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

April 3


4200 Placid Drive, Sarasota

Exploitation of the elderly: A woman called the Sheriff's Office to report she had three shingles on her roof that came off. The woman called a roofer to repair the roof. A man came to the house, took a folding ladder from his trunk, went on the roof and replaced the shingles. He gave the woman a bill for $1,250. The woman complained about the price and the man said he would give her a discounted price of $750. The woman wrote him a check for $250, which he took. He has called the woman since demanding the remaining $500. The woman is afraid for her safety and therefore called the Sheriff's Office.


April 10


11000 block of Brookside Drive, Bradenton

Information only: A woman contacted the Sheriff's Office and said she had left her rings at her ex-husband's home during a visit and she complained he would not return them. The woman said she asked her ex-husband if he had the rings and he replied, "What do you want me to do with your diamond ring?" The woman said the next time she contacted her ex, he said he did not have the rings. She said he is either keeping the rings to hurt her or may have pawned the rings. The woman said she owned the rings prior to their marriage. A deputy was unable to make contact with the man. The woman said she only wants the rings returned. It is unknown whether her ex-husband has the rings.


April 11


41000 block of State Road 64 E., Myakka City

Speeding: A Sheriff's Office traffic unit clocked a black motorcycle at 92 mph in a 50 mph zone. A traffic stop was made and there was no tag on the motorcycle. The rider said he was unaware the tag was missing. A citation was issued and the rider said he was going straight to the tag office to replace his tag.


April 11


8300 block of Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota

Criminal mischief: A woman said she had driven her new Silverado truck to the department store and was parked toward the back of the parking lot because she did not want anyone to accidentally damage her truck. While she was sitting in her truck, she observed two minors playing with a shopping cart. The two minors moved behind her truck and rammed it in the rear bumper with the shopping cart, causing a scratch. The woman got out of her truck and told them she saw what they had done. One of the minors asked what she was going to do about it. The woman said she was calling the police and then followed the minors and an adult to their car. The two minors stood in front of their vehicle's tab so she couldn't write down the number. The adult started to drive away with the minors still blocking the tag, then the minors jumped into the vehicle and the fled. The woman was unable to get a tag number.

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