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Sarasota Thursday, Jun. 17, 2010 10 years ago

Sarasota Small Business of the Year Awards: Courtney Wise

by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

At age 29, Courtney Wise is running her own company.

“It’s really up to me as far as the bottom line of our business,” Wise said. “I wear many different hats in terms of marketing, selling our services, talking to families and educating them about what we do.”

Take Care Advisor is a geriatric-care management firm that Wise’s mother, Susanne, started 15 years ago. Since moving back two years ago to Sarasota from Los Angeles to run the business, an entity under the umbrella of Take Care Home Health, Wise has created her own identity within the company.

“When my mom started Take Care, I was 14 years old,” Wise said. “A lot of employees have seen me grow from 14 to 29, and I had to become not only a supervisor, but part of the management team. I knew right away that I would have to prove my past experience and graduate work to show I could be a leader and manager within the company.”

Upon moving back, Wise was concerned with the personal side of moving back — recreating her network of friends and finding her place within the community. She joined the Sarasota Young Professionals Group and Junior League and volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast.

“I am not one who likes a lot of attention, so it is foreign to me to be recognized for activities or involvements that I would have participated in regardless of the recognition,” Wise said. “I think what this award would mean to me is that I will then be an example for other young professionals in the area, to show them the potential Sarasota has for people our age and the opportunities that exist in business and being an entrepreneur — socially and philanthropically.”


Profession: Executive director, Take Care Advisor
Age: 29
Biggest obstacle you've had to overcome in your career: “I knew that becoming a part of the management team at Take Care would be a challenge, as I needed to create my own identity within the company. My second obstacle was the need to quickly enhance my leadership skills so that our company could achieve outstanding results.”
Advice to other young professionals: “Get involved and give back. I think you would be surprised how much more you get back in terms of relationships, leadership skills and business networking. It is important that as a community we come together to support one another, and community service is a perfect avenue for this.”
Where you see yourself in five years? “I look forward to continue to create new opportunities for young professionals to connect with one another and I plan to take on a more active role within the Sarasota Young Professional Group. Take Care Advisor is poised for growth, and I would like to open another care management office within five years. I am also considering another master’s degree in business administration or a Ph.D. in gerontology.”


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