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Arts and Entertainment Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012 10 years ago

Sarasota Neighborhoods on Walk Score

by: Keely Carney

Walk Score saved my life while I was apartment hunting. It could be because I was doing it 1,078 miles away and had never seen the city. But it's probably just because it's an awesome website.

Highly recommended for anyone in moving, considering moving, picking a new job, picking a new corner to work,... Put in an address: Pick where you are. Where you want to move. Where the person you stalk lives. Then watch as Walk Score tells you how walkable the area is --- very important for a girl who will be walking/biking around --- and what surrounds the address. Looking to coincidentally bump into your stalkee at a coffee shop? Walk Score will tell you the closest one. Join their gym? Walk Score will tell you that too. Figure out what kind of shampoo they use? That's just creepy --- go find a new hobby.

via Sarasota, Florida Neighborhoods on Walk Score.

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