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The Ringling’s presence in the city of Sarasota contributed to its ranking on real estate blog Movoto’s list of the ‘nerdiest small cities in America.’
Sarasota Monday, Feb. 2, 2015 6 years ago

Sarasota named among 'nerdiest' cities in America

by: Alex Mahadevan News Innovation Editor

On the heels of being named the sexiest small city in America, Sarasota has nabbed another peculiar distinction from real estate blog Movoto: the No. 2 nerdiest small city in the country.

“We didn’t just pick cities based on which ones sounded most like Pokémon names,” Movoto content creator Willie Clark states in the article. To produce the list, the website used variables including the number of comic book stores, video game stores, hobby shops, computer retailers, bookstores and museums per capita in cities with a population between 50,000 and 60,000.

Movoto also factored in the location’s proximity to a fan convention, such as Tampa Bay Comic Con.

“It’s a bit of a drive to the nearest convention, but you may run into a pirate walking puppies (in Sarasota),” Clark writes. “What a great place to place second.”

The 10 nerdiest small cities in America, according to Movoto:
+ Marietta, Ga.
+ Sarasota
+ Pensacola
+ San Marcos, Texas
+ La Mesa, Calif.
+ Bradenton
+ Harrisonburg, Va.
+ Gardena, Calif.
+ Lancaster, Pa.


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