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Arts and Entertainment Wednesday, Sep. 18, 2019 1 year ago

Sarasota film festival independently fabulous

The 2019 Fabulous Independent Film Festival puts the contemporary LGBTQ experience in focus from Sept. 25-29.
by: Marty Fugate Contributor

The ninth iteration of The Fabulous Independent Film Festival will celebrate the 21st-century LGBTQ experience with seven feature films and a poetry reading from Sept. 25-29. Ranging from powerful documentaries to intimate portraits, the cinema selections reflect the uneasy mix of acceptance and backlash the LGBTQ community faces across the contemporary world. All films will be screened at Burns Court Cinema except for “Family in Transition,” which will be exhibited for free at The Beatrice Friedman Theatre, in partnership with The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee. This festival is a production of The Harvey Milk Festival.  


Wednesday, Sept. 25

Family in Transition • Director Ofir Trainin

7 p.m. at The Beatrice Friedman Theatre

This documentary explores the real life story of Amit, a husband and father of four living in the traditional town of Nahariya, Israel. They’re a close-knit, loving family. Amit puts the family’s solidarity to the test when he reveals his identity as a transgender woman. Believing that love overcomes all obstacles, Amit’s wife and children support his transition. Despite personal struggles and social rejection, the family holds together. 


Thursday, Sept. 26

Queer Poetry Reading • Dr. Cameron Awkward-Rich

6 p.m. at Mildred Sainer Pavilion, 5313 Bay Shore Road

Awkward-Rich offers a sampling of his contemplative, magical, confrontation, confessional poetry exploring the boundaries of the trans, queer and Black experience. Q&A to follow reading.


Friday, Sept. 27

Gay Chorus Deep South • Director David Charles Rodrigues 

7 p.m. at Burns Court Cinema

In 2016, love wasn’t always in the air. The LGBTQ community experienced a backlash of discriminatory laws across America and particularly in the Deep South. The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus and The Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir quickly joined forces. More than 300 singers from both ensembles went on tour throughout the region. They raised their voices against the hate in churches, community centers and concert halls. 


Saturday, Sept. 28

Good Kisser • Director Wendy Jo Carlton

2 p.m. at Burns Court Cinema

Jenna and Kate are a happy lesbian couple, but their love is starting to feel routine. They experiment with a threesome when a lovely worldly stranger named Mia enters their lives. But a triangle proves to be an unstable foundation for romance. The fling exposes the contradictions in the couple’s relationship.  As dawn approaches, Kate and Jenna question everything—and aren’t too happy with the answers they find. 


Sell By • Director Mike Doyle

4:30 p.m. at Burns Court Cinema

Many modern relationships aren’t built to last. Adam and Markin wonder if their five-year affair is nearing its expiration date. Their flaming love has dwindled to a low simmer. To complicate matters, one is a popular fashion influencer, the other is a painter who can’t sign his work. Does love truly conquer everything? They’re about to find out.


From Zero to I Love You • Director Doug Spearman

7 p.m. at Burns Court Cinema

Pete has a habit of getting involved with married men. His parents want him to break the habit and settle down. That proves difficult when he finds a man named Jack with a perfect marriage, a beautiful wife, and two adorable children. The heart wants what the heart wants. But what’s the right thing to do?


Sunday, Sept. 29

Mom + Mom • Director Karole Di Tommaso

4:30 p.m. at Burns Court Cinema

Karole and Ali are deeply in love. They want to have a child together. It won’t be easy. Their initial enthusiasm hits a wall of setbacks and complications. Expecting a miracle, they persist despite the frustration. They’re not disappointed. This touching story is based on the director’s true-life experience.


Changing the Game • Director Michael Barnett

7 p.m. at Burns Court Cinema

This hard-charging documentary explores the lives of three high school athletes who come out as transgender teens. Their stories include Sarah, a skier and teen policymaker; Mack Beggs, the Texas State Champion in wrestling; and Andraya, a female track star. Despite constant harassment, they don’t back down. Their portraits in courage are a true inspiration. 



2019 Fabulous Independent Film Festival

When: Sept. 25-29

Where: Burns Court Cinema, 506 Burns Ct.

Opening film: $12 • Regular tickets: $10

Info: Call (941) 228-4872 or visit



Queer Poetry Reading with Dr. Cameron Awkward-Rich

When: 6 p.m. Sept. 26

Where: Mildred Sainer Pavilion, 5313 Bay Shore Road

Tickets: Free


Family in Transition

When: 7 p.m. Sept. 27

Where: Beatrice Friedman Theatre, 582 McIntosh Road

Tickets: Free



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