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Arts and Entertainment Saturday, Apr. 21, 2012 8 years ago

Sarasota Film Festival: IN CONVERSATION WITH TODD SOLONDZ SUNDAY NOON AT SARASOTA HIGH SCHOOL! Dark Horse star Jordan Gelber speaks about Solondz! Solondz Film Retrospective!

by: The Insider

Todd Solondz, director of Dark Horse, our Centerpiece film, will be our Sunday IN CONVERSATION guest at NOON at Sarasota High School. Moderated by the legendary DAVID CARR (The New York Times; last year's PAGE ONE documentary). Two brilliant, wild, witty and outspoken take-no-prisoner geniuses in a one-on-one you won't want to miss!  CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS NOW!

(Photo courtesy of Becky Boletti)

If you are a fan of our in-depth Inside the Actors Studio-style discussions, then you must see this one. You will see it unfold live on stage before you and YOU will have the chance to ask questions of one of the most talented and controversial directors of our time! (Todd is also NYU Tisch faculty!Dark Horse screened Friday at 7:30 PM at the Sarasota Opera House to a sold out crowd with Todd and star Jordan Gelber in attendance who spoke with us about working with Solondz and Martin Scorcese, and how their styles...

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