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The city of Sarasota's wayfinding project includes signs indicating the arrival at a destination of interest, such as this rendering of a sign planned for the Robert L. Taylor Community Complex.
Sarasota Monday, Jan. 21, 2013 5 years ago

Sarasota city commissioners will discuss wayfinding project


At the City Commission meeting Tuesday, city commissioners will discuss a long-planned wayfinding project.

City staff will present an update on the project that would add hundreds of new signs throughout downtown and along the city’s major roadways.

In October, city commissioners asked city staff to slash 40% of the cost from the $1.26-million project.
Commissioners will also discuss a possible change that would require dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash at Payne Park. Such a leash law is not in place at the park. Commissioners will also consider the possibility of adding a separate dog park within Payne Park.

At the meeting Tuesday, commissioners will also hear an update on performer Nik Wallenda’s plan to hirewire walk across U.S. 41 on the bayfront.

Wallenda wants to do the stunt without a safety harness, according to Circus Sarasota promotional material for the event.

The event, however, is far from definite. Circus Sarasota on Monday contacted city officials about the event. The group would need approval from both the city and the Florida Department of Transportation before planning the event.

The proposed walk would be about 15 stories high across U.S. 41 from downtown to the bayfront near the Unconditional Surrender sculpture.

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