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The Rev. Bryan O'Carroll
Longboat Key Wednesday, Mar. 28, 2012 5 years ago

Sandpipers group learns about local aid

by: Dora Walters Senior Editor

The Rev. Bryan O’Carroll, of St. George’s Episcopal Church, in Bradenton, was the guest speaker at the March 20 meeting of All Angels by the Sea Episcopal Church Men’s Sandpipers Group. His topic was the church’s food pantry and its distribution of food to the needy as well as plans for related programs.

The food pantry is open the second and fourth Thursday of the month with an average of 135 families served each time. O’Carroll is trying to expand aid to those in need by developing programs to help them to use the Internet to hunt for jobs and encouraging them to take classes in English as a second language.

“I want to help them move beyond the food line,” he said. “I’d really like to put the pantry out of business, but I know that’s not realistic.”

O’Carroll has been at St. George since July and is the first full-time pastor at the church in 10 years.

The Rev. David Danner, of All Angels, presented O’Carroll with a donation to assist with these programs.

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