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Madison Hildebrand was the guest of honor at "Mingle with Madison," hosted by Richard Perlman. (Kelsey Grau)
Longboat Key Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014 3 years ago

Q&A with 'Million Dollar Listing' star Madison Hildebrand

by: Kelsey Grau Community Editor

The Observer: What was your first job? And how did you get into real estate?
Madison Hildebrand: I’ve been working since I was 16, when I could drive. I worked for a medical publishing journal that talked about chemicals… That was my first job. Then, of course, restaurants and hospitality. Pretty much what everyone else has gone through. But I got into real estate after graduating from Pepperdine with a degree in advertising, but I didn’t want to leave Malibu, which is where the school is. So I looked at the advertising pay right out of school and it was… Not gonna work ’cause I didn’t want to leave Malibu. I cultivated a lot of relationships in the town while I was there and decided I should probably sell the real estate in the town that I wanted to live in! And the hand was dealt.

O: Would you consider selling real estate anywhere else?
MH: I don’t think I would! I’m happy where I am and I really have a community there; I just love it. The only thing is, a psychic told me I might end up in the south of France, but she didn’t say I would be working. It could be love or it could be work, I don’t know! It could be everything.

O: Now, onto some drama. Are you and Heather friends again?
MH: I would definitely not say we’re friends. [Laughs] I’m friendly, but we’re not friends.

O: Do you really have a feud with Josh Altman or is it just for the show?
MH: I’m not that good of an actor! You know, he’s not my favorite person. We’re all in the business of selling houses, so it becomes somewhat competitive because they put us together like that, but I’m not competing against Josh. In his own head, he wants to try and make it seem that he’s so big and glorious, but I don’t get involved. My business is my business and I’m never trying to outdo Josh Altman… ‘Cause it’s already done. [Laughs]

O: There was an emotional show about you losing your dog, Rex. Are there any new pets in your life?
MH: My new doggie, my rescue Maya. She’s a Doberman and I adopted her when she was 2 years old, so I’ve had her for almost two years now. And she came very traumatized, but I knew I wanted to have a rescue dog. There was no question. It takes a little time to work though trauma and now she’s the most loving, sweet thing and I love her. You know, it’s a little weird when you have a 75-pound dog, well now she’s 100, but when you come home for the first night and you’re sleeping and there’s a new breath in your room and it’s a big ass dog… It’s a little disturbing for both! So, I had to get used to it and she did the same. Now we’re in love.

O: Do you ever have a bad hair day?
MH: [Laughs] I don’t know! How does it look right now? (O: It looked perfect.) I guess when I need a haircut!

O: And finally, what about a Million Dollar Listing Longboat Key?
MH: If you guys have some drama, yes. And based on my drinks last night at the Ritz Carlton, I’d say definitely yes. [Laughs] You guys have some very colorful characters. And that’s what it’s about. But I think you could make a show anywhere because people are people. People are cray-cray. That means I’m cray, right? [Laughs]

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