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East County Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2009 7 years ago

Professional Golf Tips 101

by: Steve Whidden

Professional Golf Tip of the Week: Perfecting your backswing

Many poor shots are caused in just the first foot or two of the backswing.  People tend to overwork their hands and get the club into a poor position from which they cannot recover. 

Do this simple drill to make sure you are starting out right.  Set up with a club along your toe line.  Swing the club half way back until your hands are over that club.  The club you are holding should be in a straight line with the one along your toe line at this point — if it is not your small muscles have taken over.  Practice getting the club/hands to this point in your backswing together, and your shots will be more solid.

Rosedale Director of Instruction and PGA Professional Steve Whidden will be offering a new professional golf tip each week. Be sure to check for next week's tip. 

For more information or for lessons contact Steve Whidden at 756-0004. 


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