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East County Tuesday, Mar. 9, 2010 7 years ago

Professional Golf Tips 101

by: Jen Blanco Sports Editor

How to Fix a Shank

By Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club PGA Professional Brian Branch

The Club Head is returned towards the ball in the forward swing to a point farther away from the player than where the ball is.  SOUNDS SIMPLE DOESN’T IT! Think about these causes and try some of the corrections. They may help.

Six Causes and Corrections:

1. Player is too close to the ball at address with weight on the heels. Move away from the ball – keep weight distribution evenly balanced.

2. Starting the forward swing by Rotating the shoulders. Forward swing should start with the hands & arms and let the shoulders follow.

3. Starting the forward swing with a downward motion of the shoulders. Maintain your swing center and good posture throughout the swing.

4. Throwing the club head towards the ball in forward swing. Start the forward swing with hands & arms and let the shoulders follow.

5. Being High hand Dominant in the backswing, making your swing plane too flat. Do not let the club get BEHIND you in the takeaway or backswing.

6. Too much hip turn in the backswing, destroying your timing or connection. Turn into a firm right or back leg.

The problem is not the First Shank. It is what we subsequently do to keep from shanking the following shots. We have one or more of the above causes and we close the club face too quickly, a natural reaction because we think the club face is open. 

Quick Fix and Practice Drill

Focus on a spot 1 – 1.5 inches inside the golf ball. You can use a tee as a focal point. Keep your focus on this spot-DO NOT SHIFT YOUR EYES TO THE BALL IN THE FORWARD SWING! Don’t be surprised if the ball goes LEFT, this will prove that you are closing the clubface to try to correct the problem. I guarantee you that if you follow this drill you will not shank the golf ball. 

For more information contact Brian Branch at [email protected] or 907-4700. 






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