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Longboat Key Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2009 8 years ago

Player of the week: Nicky Proctor

by: Dora Walters Senior Editor

How long ago did you start playing?
“I’m 9 now, and I started playing tennis when I was 3. All my family plays tennis, and I just liked to hit the ball.”

How was today’s game?
“Good. I made a lot of returns.”

Did you warm-up before playing today?
“I always warm-up before playing. I do some stretching, and I run around the court.”

What do you eat before your game?
“I always have something like a health bar or a small snack.”

What was your best shot/move today?
“It was a drop shot just over the net. That really is my best shot.”

Any slip-ups today?
“I missed a couple of lob shots. I really should have returned them.”

Will you do anything differently the next time you play?
“I am going to try not to over hit and stop trying for lob shots I can’t get.”

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