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Longboat Key Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009 10 years ago

Player of the Week: Brittany Lashway


How long ago did you start playing?
"I picked up a racket when I was 2, and I have been playing ever since. I am 15 now. I spend about 30 hours a week playing tennis. My goal is to become a professional.”

How was the last game you played?

“I played tennis yesterday with my 14-year-old sister, Brianna. It was a pretty good game, and I beat her.”

Do you warm up before playing?
“I always warm up. I work with armbands, and I jump rope.”

What do you eat before playing a game?
“I always eat pasta and chicken.”

What was your best shot in the game with your sister?
“It was my forehand. That is definitely my best shot in any game.”

Any slip-ups in the game?
“Yes. I sent some balls out of bounds.”

Will you do anything differently the next time you play?
“I will try to return serves better.”

— Dora Walters


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