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Chris Donmoyer works at the Healthy Living Organic and Natural Market.
East County Thursday, Apr. 13, 2017 3 years ago

Picture of health with Chris Donmoyer

Food as medicine drives man seeking adventure.
by: Ryan Kohn Sports Reporter

Chris Donmoyer likes fast adventure — skateboarding and snowboarding.

The 34-year-old Lakewood Ranch resident, who works at Healthy Living Organic and Natural Market, turned passionate about eating well after suffering a string of injuries and loss, followed by difficult recovery.

Donmoyer wasn’t always focused on healthy eating. Growing up in Baltimore, he ate sugary and salty foods, which slowed down his recovery from injuries. Now, Donmoyer is living a raw food, vegan lifestyle.

When did you first change your diet?

About nine years ago. It was (previously) a standard American diet to pescatarian (one who does not eat meat, but does eat fish), when I was still living up north. Then I went to vegetarian, super (bad) vegetarian, like cheese pizza and ranch dressing type of stuff. Now I have transitioned to almost a whole food, plant-based, high-raw diet.

What was your motivation for the diet change?

Skateboarding and snowboarding injuries, and then my dog dying in my arms at a vet ER, so I saw all kinds of suffering. At the time I was studying Buddhism as well, so it all was kind of that ‘third eye’ opening. Mostly, though, it was for recovery from skateboard injuries and that kind of stuff. I wanted to recover faster and be a lighter weight on the board, be ‘lightfooted,’ in a sense. 

Do you have a favorite thing to eat?

Mangoes. Especially when it’s mango season in Florida. They are my staple food for sure. There are over 400 varieties and over 200 of them are edible.

Do you do any supplemental exercise along with your diet?

I do a lot of barefoot hiking, or earthing, whatever you want to call it. Down here it’s a little bit different than it is up north, but I will pedal a bike 15 miles a day every now and then. I skateboard, obviously. I enjoy swimming a lot.

What has been the biggest effect of your diet change?

Definitely recovery. I’m thriving more than I was, I think. Things come easier. It’s weird. I’m getting older and I’m feeling younger.

Were there any challenging times for you after your diet change?

Well, being from Maryland, the two hardest things when I went vegetarian was chicken wings and crabs. That was only challenging in the beginning. That was nine years ago.

Any advice?

It’s used a lot, but ‘Let food be thy medicine.’ Just live compassionately, eat compassionately.

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