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Lightning lit up the sky 1 a.m. Monday, Aug 12, at Siesta Key Beach as stargazers looked for shooting stars at the Perseid meteor shower.
Siesta Key Monday, Aug. 12, 2013 4 years ago

Perseid meteor shower lights up the world


Streaks of shooting stars lit up the sky very early Monday, Aug 12, around the world. The Perseid meteor shower will continue through tomorrow as Earth passes through the dust of a comet’s tail. Stargazers can get the best view after midnight and before sunrise and by getting away from city lights.

A lightning storm in the clouds over Siesta Key Beach overtook the meteor shower early Monday morning but stargazers could still see a number of shooting stars light up the sky each hour. 

The annual sky show happens when Earth’s orbit around the sun passes near Comet Swift-Tuttle’s path. The last close encounter with the comet was 20 years ago and it left grains of dust. Lewis Swift and Horace Parnell Tuttle discovered the comet July 16, 1862.

Environmental Specialist Jeff Weber went stargazing with 32 people at Red Bug Slough Preserve but said they did not see as many shooting stars as expected. The ones they did see had longer tails and ”were spectacular.” Weber said the group might have gone out too early.

Those who still want to see the shower should try gazing closer to dawn tonight. The next meteor shower is the Geminid meteor shower and it will take place in December.

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