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Sarasota Thursday, Apr. 15, 2010 7 years ago

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When cities have elected/CEO mayors, they get candidates who have big visions and who have a passion to lead and reach new heights. Jim Bailey, owner of Bailey Publishing & Communications Inc. in Jacksonville, sent out the following letter and announcement declaring his candidacy for Jacksonville’s mayor. Perhaps one day Sarasota will have candidates for an elected mayor with similar character, charisma and vision. — Ed.

Dear Friends,
I want to let you know that this afternoon I officially became a candidate for mayor in the 2011 election by filing my papers with the Supervisor of Elections and opening a campaign account.

This means, as I said in a Times-Union interview on Jan. 22, that I am now positioned to campaign full time for the leadership of Jacksonville …

This campaign will be about leadership.

I believe Jacksonville needs a mayor who will make positive things happen and give us confidence in the future. There’s no reason we can’t build the most competitive American city in the 21st century. As mayor, I will bring this city together with a common purpose and a united passion to build the Jacksonville we all want.

My campaign will focus on the economy and jobs. A mayor has no higher responsibility than creating jobs and attracting investments. We need more Fortune 500 firms with deep pockets and more small businesses with big ambitions to create jobs.

We must have a growing economy where our people have good jobs, our businesses are strong and our investments are secure.

More than 10,000 children are currently enrolled in Duval County kindergartens. Who will provide the leadership so that as young adults these children will have jobs and an opportunity for a good life, right here?

We can create a Jacksonville so great that our children and grandchildren will not want to — or have to — live anywhere else.

Looking to the future, we can’t put boundaries on our imagination. We should embrace innovation. Our thinking should be global.

We can bring the world to Jacksonville through the port; build a world-class industrial complex at Cecil Commerce Center; expand Jacksonville’s health-care services industry to become the medical center of the South; and create a smart city in partnership with a technology giant.

This is how we can become competitive to create jobs and investments.

This is how we build now for our future.

But it won’t happen just because we wish it.

We will make it happen with leadership, hard work, smart work and teamwork.

It’ll take leadership, teamwork and passion to grow our economy and create jobs; maintain and improve our quality of life; build strong, safe neighborhoods; and give our children the best education on earth.

And it will happen if we work together with a common purpose and a united passion to build the Jacksonville we all want.

That’s why I’m running for mayor.

For Jacksonville’s future, I remain, Jim Bailey.

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