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Longboat Key Wednesday, Jul. 31, 2013 4 years ago

Our Town: McKitrick scores 186th victory


+ McKitrick scores 186th victory
Longboat Key golfer Arlene McKitrick won her 186th tournament in the American Senior Golfers Tournament, at the Grove Park Inn, in Asheville, N.C.

McKitrick reports that she’s been working with golf instructor David Leadbetter, of the Leadbetter Golf Academy, over the past six months and feels like she has found the golfer’s fountain of youth. In fact, she says she’s hitting the ball better than she did 30 years ago.

McKitrick has won six tournaments this year and was a runner-up in the seventh.

+ New Griffin novel available Aug. 2
Longboat Key author H. Terrell Griffin’s new e-book, “The Assassin’s Game,” will be available to download on Amazon Aug. 2.

The novel is a thriller featuring a new protagonist named Ethan Fitzgerald, who is an agent in one of the government’s most secretive agencies.

Check out the new title sooner, rather than later. For the first three days, Griffin will offer the book for free.

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