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Sarasota Thursday, Dec. 10, 2020 1 year ago

Our challenge: Keep Florida Florida

You can interpret Florida’s presidential election results as delivering two messages.
by: Matt Walsh CEO

To an extent, you can interpret Florida’s presidential election results as delivering two messages.

One is that a majority of Floridians want Florida to remain what it is — a free state where individual liberty and entrepreneurial capitalism are superior to the state and statism.

By voting to reelect Donald Trump, a majority of Floridians declared their support for the policies Trump pursued over the past four years: religious freedom, life, jobs, low taxes, low regulation, protecting the Second Amendment, judicial originalism, strong military and strong national defense, legal immigration, law and order, educational choice and no more lockdowns.

The other message that can be interpreted is that Floridians rejected what Joe Biden represents — the undoing of everything that Donald Trump pursued, a return to the Obama policies of expanding Statism and government power and a rejection of our national heritage and our republic as we’ve known them (e.g., Chuck Schumer: “Now we take Georgia. Then we change America.”)

There’s another important message in the election aftermath: Given the presumed outcome of the presidential election, Floridians are now presented with a serious challenge: how to keep Florida Florida and not let it lose what makes it the dynamic state that it is.

One step toward that is this: We’ve all read and heard how people are fleeing the high-tax, high-regulation, miserable states in the Northeast and heading to Florida.

We need to keep reminding these newcomers why they’ve come to Florida: to flee the failed government policies that made their states the intolerable, overly expensive dumps that they have become.

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Matt Walsh is the CEO of Observer Media Group. He founded the company in 1995 with Lisa Walsh and David and Ruth Beliles.

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