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Sarasota Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010 7 years ago

OSU alumni challenge Pines' residents to grudge match

by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

John Sarkozy is focused on the red balloon. As it sails over the net toward his face, Sarkozy smacks the balloon with his hand, sending it flying back toward his opponent — the Ohio State Alumni Club of Sarasota-Manatee.

The alumni club challenged the residents of the Pines of Sarasota to the second annual Balloon Volleyball Grudge Match Wednesday, Feb. 3, at Cullers Hall.

The game is played with similar rules to volleyball but uses a balloon in place of a ball. It is a therapeutic activity that encourages hand-eye coordination, physical activity and teamwork, and has one major rule — players must keep their rear ends on their chair at all times.

The club has been generous in its support of the Pines’ mission and encourages the community to get to know the facility and its residents. The club successfully avenged its previous loss in this year’s match with a final score of 21-15.

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