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Osprey Junction Park allows for easy access to The Legacy Trail, a 55-space parking lot and walking trails.
Sarasota Friday, Sep. 24, 2010 7 years ago

Osprey Junction Park is born

by: Robin Roy City Editor

After more than two years, Sarasota County finalized plans Sept. 15 for the Osprey trailhead bordering The Legacy Trail and gave it a new name.

The 10-acre property the county purchased from tree farmer Dennis Marlin will now by known as Osprey Junction Park, a name a citizen nominated.

The county bought the property at the east end of East Bay Street for $2.9 million to create a Legacy Trail trailhead there. Wanting to put a trailhead at about one-mile increments, the East Bay Street property was a perfect fit. It will serve people wanting to access the trail and those already on the trail who are looking for a rest stop.

County commissioners approved the parks department’s concept plan, which calls for a 55-space parking lot with a crushed-shell surface, nature trails, educational signs, bike racks, two-pole shelters and a water fountain. Long-term plans call for a picnic pavilion, open play field and restrooms.

The county will create a four way stop at the park’s entrance, which sits at the intersection of East Bay Street, Pine Ranch East Road and the entrance to the Park Trace subdivision.

Osprey Junction Park will retain Marlin’s home, which will be converted into a meeting space for groups such as Friends of The Legacy Trail.

Construction is expected to begin later this year.

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Citizens suggested a number of names for the trailhead park. The most common one received was “Nick Neutzling Memorial Park,” which was nominated by 10 different people.

Nick Neutzling was a Sarasota veterinarian who was killed when he was hit by a car in 2008.

Other suggestions included “Osprey Pioneer Park,” “Osprey Legacy Park,” and “Legacy Bay Park.”
Some of the more unusual suggestions were: “Shannon Staub Park,” “Jon Thaxton Park,” “Fish Hawk Park,” “Triangle Park,” “Central Bobcat Park,” “Dick Vitale Park,” “James Harriott not Nick” and “The Walker Family Home.”

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