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The Pocorobbas in 1961. Courtesy photo.
Sarasota Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012 5 years ago

Observer readers share their stories of true love

by: Mallory Gnaegy and Nick Friedman

+ Love at long last
In 1959, as youngsters in Brooklyn, N.Y., we met, fell in love and dated for four years. For three of those years, I was in the service.

Then, in 1963, we broke up, because of religious differences.

Years later, I heard she had married a chiropractor and was living in Boston. I moved to Long Island, then, in 1998, to Boynton Beach.

In 2000, I found myself single once again and began surfing the Internet. When I happened upon a site called, I began wondering if my old girlfriend was registered there. Sure enough, she was. I sent her a note and said if she were not still mad at me 37 years later, perhaps she’d write back.

She did write back, telling me she was widowed and living in Sarasota. We spoke on the phone the next night, and two days later, I drove over to take her to dinner.

I showed up at her door with 37 roses (now my license plate number). We hit it off immediately, as though we never had missed a beat.

A journey that began in 1959, 1,200 miles away, ended in 2000. In 2005, we were married, and we are living happily in downtown Sarasota.
— Tom Pocorobba

+ A Valentine’s wish
My girlfriend, Linda Pearson, and I met online on this past August and have experienced a growing and loving relationship way beyond my expectations. She is the love of my life.

Being an old Kentucky mountain boy, the right words are not easy for me, except to say to Linda, “You are my love, my partner, my soul mate and my best friend.”

This woman has given me a new lease on life, with love and compassion that is so very hard to find. It is true that we both have families of our own; yet, it seems as if we are one big family.

Linda has yet to experience the gift of grandchildren, so she will have to live through dealing with mine for a while. They have taken her into their hearts and are welcoming her into their lives.

We also took a cruise together for her birthday, and, for the first time, we really had the chance to experience being alone together. There was so much love and affection, neither of us wanted to return to our normal lives.

All I can say is, Happy Valentine’s Day to the most wonderful woman (I mean lady) I have ever met!
 — Phil Pickrell

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