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Helping businesses do what works, the Digital Observer Media team: Alex Mahadevan, Kathleen O’Hara, Eddie Kirsch, Jordon Stone, Brandon Steinert, Clint Weldon, Emily Walsh and Caleb Stanton
Sarasota Thursday, Jun. 20, 2013 4 years ago

Observer Media Group launches Digital Observer Media


Observer Media Group made another step into the digital world with the launch of Digital Observer Media Monday, June 17, at The Francis. Observer staff hosted two seminars for its clients and partners. Matt Walsh, CEO, and Emily Walsh, chief digital officer, along with George Leith, digital media specialist of VendAsta Technologies led the seminars and introduced the new division, the digital services it will offer and the expert team formed to make it all happen.

The Observer Media Group formed Digital Observer Media to help small- and medium-sized businesses navigate the digital world. Based on the Observer Media Group’s vision to “Innovate and Elevate,” Digital Observer Media was created to dO just that — innovate and elevate local businesses.

With so many new channels and platforms to market their business, it’s difficult for businesses to manage all the different forms of digital media, while doing what they do best — running their businesses. Observer Media Group has recognized this and it was the influencing factor in the creation of Digital Observer Media.

The new digital department will provide services, such as web design and development, social-media management, video production, email marketing, reputation management, SEO/SEM, mobile-site design and more.

“Launching Digital Observer Media as a new division within the Observer Media Group is incredibly thrilling,” says Emily Walsh. “Digital finally has been validated as a viable side, of not only our industry (the media), but the wider business community, as well. We are fully invested in this new digital advertising agency and, we launch it with an insatiable desire to make a real difference in the marketplace, fully utilizing our team’s digital knowledge and expertise.”

The Digital Observer Media team includes Kathleen O’Hara, director of digital advertising; Caleb Stanton, interactive art director; Clint Weldon, digital content manager; Brandon Steinert, digital marketing consultant; Jordon Stone, digital fulfillment specialist; Alex Mahadevan, digital content producer; and Eddie Kirsch, video producer.

To learn more about Digital Observer Media, visit and be sure to watch the video that further explains what Digital Observer Media is all about and how to “do what works.” To receive further information about Digital Observer Media’s services, contact Brandon Steinert at [email protected].

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