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Longboat Key Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2013 3 years ago

Obituary: Ronald Miller


Ronald Miller
Ronald Miller, 72, of Longboat Key, died Dec. 11, after an unexpected cardiac arrest.

Born Sept. 29, 1941, he retired as associate director after 30 years in the IT Department at the University of South Florida and went on to reside in a home he conceptualized and had built on Longboat Key.

Mr. Miller is remembered as a kind, giving, thoughtful person who treated others like he would want to be treated by them. He was described as likeable, funny, intelligent and handsome.

Mr. Miller is survived by his life partner of 43 years, Dr. Robert Hutchinson; his mother, Martha, of Emmetsburg, Iowa; two sisters; two brothers; many nieces and nephews; and many friends on Longboat Key and in Fort Lauderdale and Kentucky.


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