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East County Sunday, Mar. 31, 2019 9 months ago

Not a heavenly experience at Bradenton neighborhood gate

Interesting Sheriff's Office reports from Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton areas.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

March 24


5900 block of 39th Street East, Bradenton

Civil dispute: A deputy responded to a gated community where the gate had been damaged. The deputy met a security employee who had met with the man whose car was going through the entrance when the gate arm came down on his car. The man whose car damaged the gate was cooperative and admitted to the incident. Damages to the arm cost $115. There also is a posted fine of $250 if the gate arm is damaged. The man was following another car into the property when the gate arm came down on his car. The incident appeared to be an accident and there was no criminal intent to damage the arm. The man whose car damaged the gate arm, took the arm and placed it on the ground. However, the next day the gate arm was gone. Security recorded another vehicle stopping and the driver taking the gate arm. Both incidents were captured by surveillance cameras.

March 25


7700 block of Lake Vista Court, Bradenton

Information only: A man called the Sheriff's Office to say that someone had been tampering with the pig traps that had been set on his property.

March 27


5600 block of Garden Lakes Palm, Bradenton

Disturbance: A Sheriff's Office deputy was dispatched due to a dispute. A man was attempting to mow a yard where a property manager was telling him he didn't belong. The man mowing the lawn told the deputy he was being yelled at by a man "on the roof." The man on the roof does property maintenance. The man mowing the lawn said he was sent there by the bank that owns the house. However, the property manager said the property being mowed was owned by his employer. A woman living in the area came out of her home and yelled at the two men to stop yelling at each other as they had moved close to each other. The woman had her hands up telling them to stop and she bumped the man who had been mowing the lawn. The man told the deputy he wanted to press charges for assault. The deputy asked him if he felt his life was in danger and he responded, "Well, no." He then was trespassed from the property and he agreed to leave.

March 27


14000 block of East State Road 70, Lakewood Ranch

Grand theft: An electric company employee had loaded a Huskie Hydraulic Press on his work truck had had made a stop at a gas station and convenience store. He spent about 30 minutes in the convenience store and then left for work. After about an hour at the work site, the man noticed the hydraulic press no longer was on the truck. He returned to the service station and asked to see the surveillance video  He was told it was not available where his truck was parked.

March 29


400 block of Cypress Creek Boulevard, Bradenton

Trespass warning: While on routine patrol, a Sheriff's Office deputy noticed a man walking westbound along a road that goes through Bennett Park. Since it was after park hours, the deputy turned around to make contact with the man, who no longer could be seen. The deputy noticed a light was on in the public restroom and determined that the man had raced to the restroom upon realizing a deputy was in the vicinity. The deputy opened the restroom door and asked who was in there, at which point the man responded from a stall, "I`m (using the restroom), don`t mess with me." The deputy recognized the man's voice to be someone he had seen a few nights earlier on the same site. He told the man the park was closed and instructed him not to return again at night and that nobody belonged in the park after hours. The man replied, "You're here, too." He was trespassed from the area for one year and he said he understood before leaving the area.

March 30


5200 block of 30th Street, Bradenton

Information only/trespass warning: The Sheriff's Office received reports in reference to a fight in the parking lot of a donut shop and therefore sent a deputies to the scene. The deputies found a male and a female were having a road rage incident. The woman told deputies the man tried to pull in front of her and almost struck her vehicle. She then followed the man into the parking spot and blocked his car. She then approached the man, screaming at him. The man told the woman to get away from his truck. The woman alleged the man said if she didn't get away he would shoot her. The man denied saying he would shoot her and the incident never became physical. The argument was witnessed by an independent party who was the store manager. She said the man never mentioned a gun or made any threats.  Based on the independent witness, it appeared no threat was made and no crime took place. There was no evidence to make a criminal charge against any of the parties involved. Due to the woman's erratic behavior and the escalation of the argument, the store manager requested that she be trespassed from the donut shop. Deputies informed the woman she was trespassed from the property for a year. The woman agreed and left the area.


6400 block of State Road 64 East, Bradenton

Suspicious circumstances: A man called the Sheriff's Office and wanted his complaint recorded. The man had gone to a convenience store/gas station and put gas in his vehicle. He used a credit card but at the end of his $33 transaction, the machine did not give him a receipt. He thought it was odd so he took a photo of the transaction with his cell phone. On his way home, his bank listed his purchase as being $75. He returned to talk to the clerk, who said he couldn't refund him the money until his management examined the transaction. The man felt the convenience store would make it right, but he wanted it on record. The man was told how to proceed if the transaction ended up being fraud. 

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