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Longboat Key Wednesday, May. 29, 2013 4 years ago

North-end associations form a new alliance

by: Kurt Schultheis Senior Editor

There’s a new group seeking to form on Longboat Key.

North-end Longboat Key communities are interested in forming a combined condominium and association group that would work to formulate goals and seek better representation for the north end.

Key residents Denton Crews, Art Tankersley and Herman Kruegle met with Commissioner Pat Zunz, a Lands End resident, in February to discuss the possibility of forming a group.

Crews, the Whitney Beach Association’s chairman of external affairs, said the group has received positive feedback from Zunz and neighboring associations.

“It’s in the very early stages, and we can form something officially in the fall or winter,” Crews said. “We just think it’s worthwhile to discuss topics of interest that affect the north end of the Key together and not separately.”

Crews said the unofficial group has already come up with goals that would be discussed collaboratively in the future: beach renourishment and the quality of sand, canal dredging, Whitney Beach Plaza, north-end revitalization, cellular service and better collaboration with the Longboat Key Center for the Arts, a Division of Ringling College of Art and Design.

Crews said the new group has interest in the following associations becoming members: Longbeach Village Association (which includes Lands End), Beachwalk, Sea Pines, 360 North and Sleepy Lagoon.

“For many years, many residents have disappeared into their own communities and haven’t gotten too involved because there was no need unless something directly affected them,” Zunz said. “But with various issues popping up on the Key, many of which affect the north end, they feel it’s time to be more aware of what’s going on, and I applaud that.”

+ A proposal for Cooperation Among Condominiums and Associations on the north end of Longboat Key
The following information is from a Feb. 17 draft for a future north-end group seeking to form on Longboat Key.

Purpose: The general purpose of the cooperative entity would be to identify common interests, share information and viewpoints and work collaboratively for maintaining and enhancing the quality of life on the north end of Longboat Key. The entity would represent a broad base of the population in District 5 of Longboat Key and seek to have a public voice in community affairs on selected matters of high importance.

Composition: The organization would be comprised of representatives of condominium associations and housing communities located on the north end of Longboat Key. Associations and communities would select their own representatives.

Organization: The entity would be an informal organization, perhaps called an alliance, coalition, federation, partnership or union, to suggest working together toward a common cause. Representatives would meet as needed to collaborate on initiatives of high importance. They would develop and implement strategies for advancing these issues and exchanging information. Representatives of the affiliate associations would be able to reach their members through email and other means of communication for sharing information and obtaining comments and support for initiatives advanced through the organization.

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