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Roots, Chiropractic photos
East County Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015 5 years ago

No snap, crackle or pop

An East County couple is introducing a holistic and gentle approach to chiropractic medicine.
by: Amanda Sebastiano Staff Writer

Chiropractors Laura and Logan Swaim are on a mission to bring a new paradigm of health to Lakewood Ranch.

The husband-wife team believes a long life can be attributed to a holistic approach to overall health and wellness, and that means more conversations with doctors about health goals and maybe fewer prescription drugs when possible.

They also believe chiropractic care is a critical piece to that equation, and in October will open The Roots Chiropractic, in San Marco Plaza. The practice will offer a no “twisting or cracking” approach to care and also will focus on expectant mothers and pediatric patients, although it will serve patients of all ages.

Logan Swaim says the answer to being healthy is finding the root of the health problem. The brain, spinal chord, nerves and nervous system play specific and important roles in the body, and often are an underlying cause of discomfort for patients.

“Your body is able to overcome a lot of different stresses without the use of drugs or surgery,” Logan Swaim said. 

The Swaims use a more gentle approach to chiropractic care, using NASA-approved technology to assess the nervous system and how it is functioning and then apply a scientific technique to care for patients.

“We don’t do any twisting or cracking on our patients,” Laura Swaim said. “We use specific and scientific care.”

 Prior to performing any services, though, they talk with their patients to determine where they may have physical pain and how their body, overall, is  functioning. Then, they work with patients to craft chiropractic health plans and goals.

“People see health as, ‘I feel fine. I don’t feel sick,’” Logan Swaim said. “It’s important to check on your body to maintain health and to consider mental wellbeing, too. Our goal is to maximize the patient’s life potential and help them get to the healthy level where they want to be.”

Laura Swaim adds: “Life potential means living as long and healthy as your body is meant to. What we eat, drink, the amount of exercise we get, how often we have our bodies checked for nerve interference — all of those things are factors of life potential.”

Roots, Chiropractic photos

The practice will focus on expectant mothers and pediatrics — demographics the couple believes shouldn’t be overlooked.

“It’s so important to have your body checked while you’re pregnant,” Laura Swaim said. “Research has shown chiropractic care may reduce labor pain and delivery time by up to 60%.”

The Swaims recommend children seek chiropractic attention within days of their birth to ensure their bodies aren’t experiencing nerve interference. 

“We believe healthy kids make healthy adults, which is why it is important to get your nerve interference checked as soon as possible, which may be hours or days after birth,” Laura Swaim said. 

They said children should receive chiropractic care at developmental milestones, including while learning to crawl and walk.

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