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Nancy Barrie with Tommy and Jaymie Klauber and Chef Stephane Pierre
East County Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013 4 years ago

Newly renovated Polo Grill and Bar prepares to open its doors

by: Harriet Sokmensuer Community Editor

Two months ago, Lakewood Ranch’s Polo Grill and Bar began renovation. Now, it is preparing for its official opening night Nov. 1. The evening will mark the sixth birthday of the Lakewood Ranch establishment.

Changes made include a new dining area, a private dining room called the Tack Room, new staff members and a new menu.

“I really hope that our customers and longtime clients will see that we’ve done everything with their needs and requests in mind,” says owner Jaymie Klauber. The diner’s experience is key, to Jaymie and her husband, Tommy. They have made the aesthetics of the new dining area as versatile as their customers; relaxed enough for those in jeans and elegant enough for those on a romantic date.

Nancy Barrie, Jaymie Klauber’s mother, led the renovation. Barrie, a retired New York interior designer, focused on making the dining areas flow while remaining intimate. The installations of booths, a new wall and equestrian-themed artwork add an elegant ambience.

The Klaubers have also made changes in the kitchen: Stephane Pierre has been named executive chef. Pierre, a certified chef whose experiences include serving the royal family of Belgium, takes the place of Andrew Thompson. Pierre and Tommy Klauber have worked together in the kitchen, along with members of the staff, to create an innovative and classic menu as well as welcoming and unique atmosphere.

On Friday, Oct. 11, the Klaubers opened the Polo Grill’s doors for a menu preview party. Items on the menu included Belgian steamed mussels in white wine presented in a sealed jar, warm goat cheese pillows and a chocolate lava cake.

As for what their future holds, Jaymie Klauber says that they can only go forward.

“We will continue to be a supporter of the community and provide services to our neighborhoods,” she says.

Upcoming events
The Polo Grill and Bar is hosting open-house nights for the press and public.
Oct. 18 — 6 p.m. Tour the Tack Room Preview Party
Oct. 25 — 6 p.m. New Menu Sampling Party

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